How to Date Trans Women in Kuala Lumpur

The Malaysian capital does have a trans dating scene, albeit not a very vibrant one. It’s often referred to as the melting pot of Asia because of all the different ethnicities and cultures here. Kuala Lumpur is peaceful and tolerant compared to smaller Malaysian towns.

At any rate, it’s not a good idea to draw attention if you are interested in trans dating in Kuala Lumpur. There are certain risks.

Despite the challenges they face, local trans people are friendly and fun to talk to. If you haven’t met anyone yet, try an international dating site. This is the best option for foreigners who want their privacy, safety, and discretion ensured.

Sites like My Trans Date and My Ladyboy Date subject users to strict screening to eliminate fake profiles. Note that neither of these sites promotes flings. They both want to help trans people find their soul mates and build partnerships.   

A lot of times, people will be hesitant to arrange a face to face meeting. Try not to take this personally. Malaysia is not the most tolerant of countries. The person is anxious; it doesn’t mean they only want to chat or have ulterior motives of some kind. They’re not deceiving you. They are just afraid. Talk to them patiently to develop trust. Be open and honest with them and send them a picture of yourself. They will do the same.  

Malaysia is a conservative Muslim country, where trans women are underrepresented. Malaysians are of mixed Malay, Indian, and Chinese heritage. The women usually wear scarves on their heads, which applies to trans women as well.

Western-style venues like the Hard Rock bar are suitable places to take someone on a date. The Hard Rock is popular with trans women. They also like to hang out at Blueboy Disco, a gay bar.

Any relationship requires time and effort, but relationships with trans people in Kuala Lumpur also require great patience and consideration. It’s best to meet somewhere private when you’re not taking her out to a venue that has a liberal and international feel. There are quite a few hotels that, if not exactly trans-friendly, will not mind you and your partner as guests. There are some that will and might even call the police, so it’s best to inquire in advance. If you’re dating a local, they will know.

Other than that, dating a trans woman in Kuala Lumpur is like dating anyone else there. Muslim countries are usually conservative, and people need to be careful with PDAs.