The Next Big Video Game Franchises to Step into Virtual Reality

Traditional game franchises’ jumping to VR is only a matter of time. However, not every game can fit into the VR model so easily. Some video game franchises need more help to take the leap. Relatively inactive brands might find the leap highly lucrative. Here are the next big chains that may come to thrive as they step onto PS VR, HTC Vive, or the Oculus Rift.

Red Faction

This blazing shooter by THQ was among the first to tread the uncharted territory of modifiable environments. Games like Chunks and Minecraft show how fun it can be to create something up from the ground, albeit virtually in this case.


In Xbox 360’s Condemned: Criminal Origins, the player entered the role of an FBI profiler who must fight and outsmart violent strangers as he tries to find the serial killer who pinned a murder on him. While many found the game’s narrative itself lacking, there was lots to be said about the creepy atmosphere that was created. Over most of the game, the profiler roams dark, abandoned buildings, which is both terrifying and mesmerizing.

What genre could possibly work better for VR gaming than horror? People are afraid of the unknown, and the vast majority of gamers still don’t know what to expect from a VR game. Like Silent Hill and Resident Evil used PS hardware limitations to create the feeling of being out of control, so could Monolith Productions create an approach to do the same for the immersive experience that is VR.


An entire generation of Star Wars fans and gamers grew up on X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and one vs. the other by LucasArts. VR is now generating the feeling of flying through space and destroying rebel or empire ships this generation came to love in the 90s. Predictably, VR already features the two key pieces of TIE Fighter and X-Wing. First, HTC showed a saber-based Star Wars demo, which still isn’t available to the public. Then, the EVE: Valkyrie featured unlicensed spaceship fighter battles. Who knows what’s next?

Jumping Flash

PS’s most bizarre title should be one of the next to ride the VR wave. Jumping Flashput players in control of a jumping bunny robot, and the feeling of jumping high felt amazing despite the basic premise. VR has a lot of promise for first-person platforms, which never really won much of a following in traditional gaming. The enhanced sensation of leaping to the sky in VR mighttake the genre to new heights, both literally and figuratively speaking.